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” Hi, my name is Tina. Some of you may recognise me from the last three years on AS, others will know me from the chat room during Tony’s 60s show.

I have been listening to Tony since way back in lockdown. When I discovered this man on Facebook playing music, sometimes being kicked off for playing his music, I was addicted.

I bookmarked him and kept on looking out for him every day and I’d listen to a couple of hours of great 60’s sounds.

Now, being a part of that experience on his website is going to be amazing. I have a very eclectic range of tastes in music from the 60s and 70s to reggae, country, pop, dance, and rock but my real love is for Easy Listening songs. I am a typical Pisces so what do you expect? He he.

I am a romantic old fool and I love a good “sniffle” over a heartbreak song. I keep the hankies at the ready. Love songs can talk about an experience in your life, past or present. It can remind you of an old love or family member.

There’s usually something you can find that takes you back to that moment in your life when you were sad or happy or growing up. I want to be a presenter of AS because I want to share my music with all of you. So, let’s all get together and see what memories we can spark with some great music to share together. See you in the Live Stream. Hugs & Love x”