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Hi I’m Drew and I was brought up in a house where there was always music playing. Elvis, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, the occasional classical piece and everything that you could dance to or sing along with. My mum and dad made sure that I didn’t get stuck in a genre when it came to music.

My fondest memories are of some of the house parties that we had as I was growing up and then as I grew older it was always the music that got people up and dancing (or possibly singing along together as the last tune of the night!) that I loved most.

So I’m going to play the music that I remember from the clubs, discos, bars and raves that used to keep me and others glued to the dance floor until 4 am on a Friday and Saturday night.

If like me you tend to think a late night on a Friday and Saturday is if you see 11pm then join me for a new “Night out” as a night in between 6 – 8pm. I’ll share some of my favourites and find out some of yours and between us we can turn our kitchens, front rooms and bedrooms into the dance floors of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s for those 2 hours!