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“Hi, my name is Caz. I’m married to Will, we have two special boys. We also share our home with 1 tortoise, 7 snakes, and 2 very vocal cats!
I was born in the sixties, so I was brought up listening to sixties songs courtesy of my parents, and it’s a particular decade I absolutely love.

I first found Tony Kent from Around Sounds on Facebook, I then lost track of him for a while when he moved over to the internet. I am so glad I found him again.
 He played music throughout lockdown and brought people together, and some great friendships were made as a result.

It might sound corny or cheesy but I regard myself as being so fortunate to already have my dream.
My family, being a mum, anything else is a bonus. An online family I think is what has been created from Around Sounds. Tony starting the music during lockdown was so helpful to so many people. It gave them company and made us feel not so alone. Now restrictions are being lifted and Tony continues to play the music, I’ll keep listening and am now delighted to become a Presenter and part of the team and give you all the music that I love! …keeping it Around Sounds.”