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There’s never been a time in my life when I’ve lived without music.  Even when I was 5 years old and lived in Rhodesia, I had a little transistor radio, where I listened to the hits on the radio constantly, even through the broadcasts came from as far away as Harare and Maputo in Lourenço Marques, thousands of miles away.   It was all crackles and white noise, but I loved it.

Then when I started getting pocket money, I bought the top hits on 78s, then on 45s, and eventually had an enormous collection of records.  And with my little pink record player I was in music heaven.

Unfortunately, I had to give them all away when I left!  But then we had tape recorders and taped off the radio onto tape cassettes, then we had CDs,  then ITunes to download whatever we liked.  So my collections and love of music grew. 

And then, I found Country Music, and another completely new door opened.  Country music tells a story, from the heart, and I just love the twang of a lonely guitar, and the honkey tonk of a piano, which reminds you of the broken heart that you had, or are about to have, or the person you are missing so bad, or the person you have just found! Country music can tell it all in just one song!   

Ive been with Around Sounds, right from the very beginning, nearly three years ago now, and when Tony asked if there was anyone who wanted to present Country Music, I opened my mouth, changed feet, and the rest is history.  I absolutely love what I’m doing and I love playing for you the music that you love to hear .