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About Around Sounds

Around Sounds is a collective, we share a united passion.

Quite simply, we love music.

We are not sure why, how or for whatever reason music can trigger an emotional reaction in humans.

Widely debated by the world’s most prolific scientific minds music remains an enigma. However, all we know is many of us are moved by music. In our simplistic approach we don’t care much for the theory we know that music has, and will continue to please us.

Around Sounds started like most things do as a hobby. Tony Kent (a self-proclaimed old boy with a Brummy accent) was bored after selling his video duplication business. Like most people who are bored, he dipped his (old) toe in the water of the internet. Facebook beckoned (probably not Zuckerberg’s intended profile user), however, Tony soon built a friends list from his old network.

OK so now what he thought?

Posting pictures of his food, pets or other mindless dribble didn’t stimulate, and he thought there must be more to posting on Facebook than this. He dusted off his video editing software and decided to create a few montages of his favourite music tracks and post them online. He got a reaction! People liked them and commented (OK people also like pictures of cats, but he didn’t own a cat so instead stuck with music videos).

Tony Kent

Tony soon found out that to post music videos online, you have to have a license (he found out the hard way). So he had to make a decision, either do this correctly or not at all, he didn’t relish the idea of spending his twilight years banged up in a state penitentiary. 

So not telling his wife he invested in the necessary licenses he needed.

With a little help from younger members of his family, the 60’s Around Sounds page emerged on the 30th July 2018. It was a humble beginning with the obligatory likes from family and friends to kick start it; however, others soon began to like Tony’s content, and the followers started to grow.

Fast forward to today and the page has amassed over 1million followers, not bad for a self-proclaimed old boy with a Brummy accent.


Tony soon realised he would need help to keep this animal alive. A collective of willing page moderators and contributors was formed and now maintain great content flowing to a hungry audience.

Not resting on his laurels Tony has subsequently launched the 70’s Around Sounds, and lately, the 80’s Around Sounds Facebook Pages. These two pages collectively now have over 1.2 million followers and continue to grow.

Tony also now features on a few internet radio shows with his 60’s Around Sound show, and his past shows can be listened to again in the podcast section of this site.

So there you have it, that’s what around sounds is all about.

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